Beatriz van Erven

We came to Perfect Balance almost by accident. We moved 1.5 years ago to Miami and we were looking for activities for the boys. Stefan was our biggest concern, since he has lived through multiple moves, he seemed to be down all the time and we wanted to help him. I remember the first thing that caught my attention was the poster of the girl with the leg up in the air. I met a Mom in Oliver’s school and she told me she was newish to Perfect Balance but was happy. I decided to give it a try. I met with Nicole and the boys started the white coat. We were skeptical but willing to try. Only after a few months, we found our Perfect Balance, the Agons help each one of us in a different way (without realizing it) the boys were more motivated, on task and loved the class. We then chose Blue Coat and are continuing to enjoy the challenge. I understand that the Agon’s can’t do all the job on their own, but am extremely grateful for all their help and guidance in helping us reach our goals.

I am personally thankful to Nicole, because she keeps pushing my limits and teaches me that I am in charge and I decide where to go!

Thank you Master Agon and Master Andre!!

Happy Thanksgiving


Beatriz van Erven