Personal Training Program

Do you want to get in shape, but are not comfortable training with others?

A personal Trainer works exclusively with you on a customized program tailored specifically to you.

Your Personal Trainer stays with you until you achieve your goals.

Your progress is carefully monitored to assure that you are receiving the appropriate next step on the journey toward a happier and more successful you.

Perfect Balance Martial Arts is built upon a concept of holistic training that has been proving its effectiveness and improving its methods for the last 5000 years. Master Al Agon has found a way to amalgam that ancient wisdom – traditionally past on from father to son- with the western technology he himself used while training as a professional athlete in the U.S.

Master Agon’s exclusive system of training is prepared to get you back on the track in the shortest time you are capable of, whether you are an Olympic athlete recovering from an injury, a professional athlete who needs to get the most time out of your contract, an executive trying to get relief from the daily stress to focus your mind on the business, a mother anxious to get rid of all those extra pounds your last pregnancy left on your body or a child needing to channel their energy and get focus, attention and discipline to succeed in the classroom.

In Perfect Balance Martial Arts you find top quality training environments and personnel. Each instructor has been formed in this exclusive system and will guide you in the same way. They will teach you how to improve each movement to get the most out of your workout, thus boosting the effectiveness.

Of course, boosting effectiveness means shorter times to get results and enjoy the benefits for your training. Master Agon’s exclusive system is developed to work with you as a whole person, which means targeting at the same time the body, the mind and the spirit; because, in order for you to get there, muscle exercise is not enough. Your mind needs to be focused on the objective and your spirit has to be aligned with it to support the mind and the body.