Achievement through Kung Fu for Children

Master Al Agon designed his exclusive training method to teach much more than simply punching and kicking. It specializes in personal growth. This is particularly important when teaching children, because the principles of the black belt the kids learn are the very principles each individual would need to succeed in life and be happy:

Respect. Perseverance. Patience. Courtesy. Honesty. Self control. Discipline. Sportsmanship. Integrity. Humility. Loyalty. Honor.

The curriculum of our children’s program is divided into small, attainable goals. The child has to work to achieve each goal and eventually, begins to believe in him/herself.

This is the key to success. Some of the benefits of our children’s program are:

- Improved concentration.

- More self esteem and confidence.

- Understanding self discipline and why it is absolutely necessary for success, thus improving grades.

- Increased motivation and a positive mental attitude to learn from their failures and grow from their successes.

- Goal setting skills and practical applications.

- Stranger Danger Training, learning to spot and avoid danger and also what to do when danger is completely unavoidable.

- Social interaction, sportsmanship, camaraderie and fun.

“Johnny was 8 years old when I first brought him to Perfect Balance Martial Arts. He was having a hard time with my ex-husband and I going through the divorce. His grades were going down, his weight was going up and his temperament was changing for the worst. I expected the Kung Fu practice would help him. Nevertheless, I was astonished to see how fast the changes showed up. He began losing weight, gaining self discipline and increasing his self esteem. His behavior in class improved and so did his scores and his attitude. He has been in this Kung Fu training program ever since.”

Nowadays, underachievement, obesity and safety are among the excruciating topics our schools system has to deal with; our kung fu children’s program offers parents and educators a real, attainable solution.

My daughter Chloe is a 5 year old in kindergarten and reads at a 3rd grade level. Before I enrolled her into the karate program at Perfect Balance, she had some behavior issues with regard to shyness and interrupting. In the first two months of school, she was scoring high on her quizzes and tests, however, her conduct in class dropped to an unacceptable level. The teacher became concerned and advised me that her grades in her other subjects were dropping due to incomplete work, but stressed that she was
gifted intellectually. So, I began to research children’s activities and came into contact with ‘I am the Maven’, a site that offers online deals for busy moms. They directed me to Perfect Balance’s – Master Agon and his team, who felt my desperation in helping Chloe with her behavior, and immediately became engaged in presenting the best possible solution for her. It was obvious to them that she had self-control issues and assured me that she can be guided and instructed to respond to various forms of martial arts and positive effects from them. Chloe enrolled in the karate program in November 2010, and in the 4th grading period in June 2011 Chloe got straight E’s (E=excellent) in all areas including conduct, in addition to receiving 11 academic awards on the day of her kindergarten graduation.

Thanks to the staff at Perfect Balance, Chloe has benefited from their knowledge, skill, and positive reinforcement, and she has developed a foundation that she will carry throughout the rest of her life … and for that I am truly grateful!

-Michelle Krietsch

At Perfect Balance Martial Arts our goal is that every child on the Kung Fu children’s program shall proudly show on his/her next grades report: