Black Belt Application,Graduation and Preparatory

Never Quit Attitude

Attend all Events…Tournaments…Leadership Events

It takes 36 months in learning to these success traits

Become a positive Role Model

  • Ettiquette
  • Behavioral Standards
  • Health Habits-Behaviors
  • Excellence in Academics
  • Personal Development
  • Coachable attitude
  • Try to Develop Success Traits
  • Communicate Challenges

Parents, do you believe in these qualities and are you going to encourage and enforce them?

Are you going to help your son/daughter achieve Black Belt, help motivate and communicate through challenges?


Three months prior to testing for Black Belt, students will start reviewing the curriculum for the last 3 years as we isolate their training. We place emphasis on the 90 day intense training by coaching them mentally as well as physically through the challenges and hard work of reaching the goal, Black Belt. In other words, in actuality, testing starts at this point. It is critical for each student to practice and work through the physical and mental processes of the training. Through motivation and reinforcement, the students will prevail and never lose of the goal. Mental toughness is build while increasing confidence and exercising extreme focus. They will have an interview with students. Toward the end of the 3 month preparatory period, students and families will be called in for an interview. At that time, we will discuss personal responsibilities and respect at home, school conduct and grades, and social interactions and attendance at Perfect Balance.

In addition, the following must all be completed:

  • CIT hours
  • Attendance
  • Black Belt Application and Interview
  • Perfect Balance Curriculum
  • Character Development Curriculum
  • Leadership Standards

After the test, there will be a post-test/assessment where the student will be coached on how to achieve and always strive for excellence.

The actual Black Belt Graduation will include:

  • Special Presentation to student, Including all family and friends.
  • Special Embroidered Belt with Student’s name as an official Perfect Balance Black Belt.
  • Plaque
  • Letter of Completion and Accomplishment