Martial Arts Program

Master Agon’s “Karate for Kids”™ Available at all three locations Doral, Kendal, South Miami.


At Perfect Balance Martial Arts, we have the #1 program for kids in the Western United States and one of the top five programs in the United States. Master Agon’s program is vigorously designed in conjunction with experts in the field of education to provide, social, physical, emotional, and attitudinal growth.

Master Agon’s program works hand in hand with a child’s’ schoolwork, providing improved self discipline, self confidence, mental alertness, and goal setting skills. Young people are taught at Perfect Balance Martial Arts that through dedicated, intense work, all worthwhile goals in life are possible. Parents have attributed our program with improved grades as a direct result of the increased achievement motivation, self direction, and self confidence provided by the program .

PROGRAM STRUCTURE: With Master Agon’s program your child will set short-term achievement goals every 30 days and will graduate to a new skill level (i.e. Belt Rank) approximately every three months. To achieve belt ranks your child will be required to participate in and successfully complete exams sanctioned by Master Al Agon, 6th degree Black Belt and Master Instructor of Perfect Balance Fitness.

BLACK BELT AS A GOAL: It is important for each child to learn to set short term, intermediate, and long-term goals. At Perfect Balance Martial Arts every child’s goal is the BLACK BELT. BLACK BELT is a symbol of excellence in martial arts and an important tool for instructors and parents to use for developing desire, tenacity, and teaching the importance to follow-through in any activity. Within the first 120 days of lessons each family will commit to BLACK BELT as the long term goal and developmental commitment.

EXAM EMPHASIS ON SCHOOL WORK: All young people in the program are required to bring copies of their grades from school, complete parent/teacher intent to promote forms, and complete exam qualification forms prior to testing. Master Agon’s instructors work hand-in-hand with schoolteachers and parents to insure a well-balanced and focused development process for each child.

PROPER USE OF SKILLS: It is constantly stressed to all students that karate skills require them never to be abusive or offensive and are only used defensively.