After School

Congratulations on the start of another fantastic school year!

Perfect Balance Martial Arts & Fitness has several students who attend your school and we get very excited along with our students for the back to school swing!

As educators and Karate, Kung Fu , MMA, Martial Artists, we strongly believe in the importance of physical and mental education. We are proud to be a part of this community and would like a chance to give our young children a better and brighter future. The Martial arts is a Goal setting system that teaches physical, mental, moral, financial, and life fitness. Students who train in the Kung Fu, Karate, MMA, Martial Arts are proven to increase grades, attitudes, and health.

Perfect Balance Martial Arts & Fitness is willing to provide the following services with your approval:

  • Volunteer at least once a week or month as a P.E. instructor to help assist your students in keeping them aware of the importance of health and wellness.
  • Volunteer to teach once a week or month, as an extra curricular activity in your extended day program, to help build your students confidence, and increase their self discipline.
  • Be a sponsor for the schools year book
  • Donate time to participate in your annual teach in.
  • Provide 4 weeks of martial arts training for all students who achieve student of the month. (Classroom Hero Award Certificate).
  • Raise Hundreds/Thousands of dollars for your school with our exciting Community Appreciation Program.
  • Provide FREE and exciting entertainment for any family events at your school with our Professional Demonstration Team.
  • Volunteer our time at any event that your school has planned throughout the school year.

To this end, we are offering to help educate your students in physical education by providing instruction on:


Building muscle strength


I will be in touch in the coming days about how we can best assist your staff.


Perfect Balance