Information for schools

  1. Through the practice of Martial Arts, Perfect Balance Martial Arts and Fitness strives to influence their students in a positive manner, ultimately shaping them to become confident and successful in life.
    1. Over the past year, we have been lucky enough to be the chosen Martial Arts school       to welcome Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith for the premier of the Karate Kid movie. We appeared with Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith at the actual premier on Lincoln Road and then again on the Univision station, a program called Despierta America.
    2. Most recently, we had the same honor of being able to participate with the premier    of the Kung Fu Panda movie. Once again, our students were able to gain experience in being tremendous demonstrators.
    3. We are also very proud to be sponsors in the first Public Art Exhibit in the City of South Miami. South Miami will host a larger than life beautiful fiberglass manatee and Perfect Balance will have its very own in front of the studio!
    4. In the month of March, Perfect Balance was interviewed by Channel 7’s Parent to Parent. Perfect Balance was approached to discuss how Martial Arts can aid in children’s focus and discipline, even in children with ADD. We also appeared on NBC 6’s Live Miami show where Master Agon and Nicole Agon spoke about the benefits of Martial Arts.
    5. Perfect Balance is always very proud of the Annual tournament that takes place in November. All the children and families come together as a group to show off all the skills they have learned throughout the year!
    6. Over the years, Perfect Balance is very proud to teach at great schools such as Riviera, Gulliver, Beth Am, St. Stephens, St. Phillips and Somerset.
  2. Goals are constantly set, met, and then re-assessed. Staff meets on a daily basis to discuss the work activity for the day. It is important that the daily goals are met and that growth has been predicted and strategized. Once the daily goals have been met in a consistent manner, new goals and incentives are set in order to reinforce and motivate. Goals are always changing and it seems that there can always be more success in changing the lives of children. Luckily, because our work is with working with children and watching them grow and succeed, the staff motivates themselves with every child that they are able to change.  This is a growing industry and soon, the importance of child development will be realized by all.
  3. Perfect Balance Martial Arts & Fitness is different than any other Martial Arts school. Before any     Martial Arts is taught, the primary goal is to ensure that a child’s confidence is up. In order to succeed in anything in life, a child must feel confident. This gives them drive, direction, and the ambition to set goals and know that they can achieve them. We offer a developmental program that ensures success in the future. Children that start at Perfect Balance learn very early on what dedication, hard-work and follow through are. We instill perseverance and aid the children through different stages in their life. Four years of College is not a question, it is a goal. We give the children the skills necessary to become successful, happy individuals in the future. A child receives a lot of personal attention which is essential for their development. This program works in alignment with teachers in the school system to ensure that the child is progressing in every area of their lives. Stability is the key and with the close monitoring of staff on daily habits, the child feels comfortable to take on personal awareness and responsibility for themselves.
  4. Perfect Balance’s product, company and service are geared toward children. A child is a parent’s most prized possession. There is no monetary value to a child’s well-being and growth. As long as there are loving parents who want to ensure that their children succeed and grow up to be stable successful adults, Perfect Balance will continue to contribute to the economy.  Education is an investment and it is essential that children learn the fundamental building blocks of how to set goals and achieve them. Self-discipline is crucial to success and it must be practiced by everyone. All children, as well as adults, need the focus and discipline that the Martial Arts has to offer, guaranteeing contribution to the economy.
  5. Perfect Balance Martial Arts and Fitness offers a Free Leadership Community Outreach Program to all private and public schools in the area. The program is designed to empower children, make them confidant and exercise different leadership qualities that they will use later on in the workforce. The program also touches upon anti-bullying techniques that children can use and also teaches other students to stand up against bullying, versus being a bystander. In addition, the teachers are also taught different methods of combating bullying.
    Perfect Balance Martial Arts and Fitness is always open to donate classes, time, and support to local charities and schools to raise money. We encourage our children to help out and be exposed to the importance of giving back.
  6. Perfect Balance Martial Arts and Fitness partners up with different tutoring programs, occupational therapists, psychiatrists as well as kid friendly extracurricular activities that nourish a child’s psyche.  We also think it is very important to partner with organizations such as Miami Children’s Hospital to show support. As a studio, we also do different outings that are education to Barnes and Noble to encourage reading and exercise the brain. It is paramount that the children understand that the brain must be exercised as much if not more than the body.