How to choose a Martial Arts school

5 Most important factors when choosing a Martial Arts School

First and foremost, it is important to take into consideration the age and any prior experience of the child. These facts must always be discussed before choosing a school in order to determine whether or not the school will be able to cater to the child’s

  1. The most important fact when considering any Martial Arts school is to make sure that there is open communication as a family. It is paramount that Mom, dad and child all have similar goals. When a child enters any school, it is the responsibility of the school to educate 3 new members, mom, dad and child. The child needs support from the parents in order to set goals, achieve them, and be reinforced for doing so. In return, the parents must support the instructors by enforcing the discipline that is taught at the school, at home. This creates consistency and normalcy that children crave. With all environments in line, the child will undoubtedly flourish and maximize his/her potential.
  2. Once goals have been established, it is important to make sure that the school you choose can deliver them. Make sure that the values of the family are matched by the school. In order to excel, the school and its instructors must be equipped to aid the child. How is this done? Make sure there is clear communication and understanding with ALL instructors. There is one common goal, make sure the child reaches his/her goals. If there are any physical or mental limitations that may inhibit the child from learning, tell the instructors so that they know how to teach the child efficiently. The more information that is given, the better the child can be taught.
  3. Make sure that the instructors have an extensive repertoire of child development. Each child learns differently. There are different stages of development and the instructor must be well versed in all of them. Reinforcement at all ages are different and each child much have his/her unique goal. It is important that the child feels special and individual. Martial Arts is a “group sport”, however, each child has a different goal and expectation. All children crave to be accepted and feel like they belong so an instructor’s attention must always be equal AND individual.
  4. Essential to any sport really is knowledge of an instructor’s background. Make sure that the school you join background checks ALL instructors. Your children will spend a lot of  time at the school and want to become more like their instructor. Black Belts are role models so it is very important to know that they are role models in EVERY ASPECT of their lives. Martial Arts teaches consistency and to be a functioning human beings, we must be level in every part of our lives. Our children are our prized possessions so we have to make sure they are in good hands.
  5. Lastly, there are a variety of different styles of Martial Arts. There is not one that is better than the other, however, there are a few that are extremely traditional and pride themselves on the old values versus new ones that may help your child
    more. Make sure that the school you choose embraces teachings that are modern. Martial Arts was developed in Asia for Asian consumption. In theory, the original product was not made for American consumption. Ask about the practices and beliefs of the school and make sure there is a happy marriage between the Western and Eastern philosophies.